Sunday, April 10, 2005

Breakout Products are Hard to Find These Days

But I found one. DayView Glass, distributed by Pro Display USA, is one such breakthrough product. It is actually a film placed over any glass, such as a window, which can be used as a rear or front projection screen. When not in use, you can make the window clear (with no noticeable change to the window) or opaque for privacy.

Now, this new technology is breakthrough because you can put it on the windows of a fishbowl conference room, in any window that separates two rooms, anywhere there is glass.

But what really makes this breakthrough is the imagination of the company CEO, Angelo Skiparnias, who foresees all kinds of new ways dealers can sell this technology. One recent installation at a retail store is a good example of creative advertising using this new technology. As a shopper passes by the retail store window, a sensor “wakes up” the projector and screen. Audio comes on saying hello, and stopping the shopper, who is then presented with a short video advertising a specific product. At the end of the video, the window clears to show the actual product in the retail store window display. You can do this with clothes, jewelry, food, cars – anything at all.

Another consideration with this technology is that the size of the image is only limited by the size of the glass. That means you can project huge indoor or outdoor displays. Now, we’re talking sports arenas, marinas, hotels, convention centers – even the entire sides of buildings.

Pretty creative. But the best example is a concept Angelo explained of making an entire building disappear. Let's say you have a building that has the Hollywood Hills and Hollywood sign as the backdrop. Using a few image captures, projectors and this new DayView glass, you could project the background onto the foreground and voila, the building now looks like it blends into the surroundings.


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