Wednesday, May 25, 2005

LCDs on Amazon?

Yesterday, this came across my InBox (this is exactly as it appeared in my

"Striving to improve the visual experience in living rooms and conference rooms everywhere, Kreisen (, the manufacturers of quality affordable high definition television displays, today announced that its line of high definition (HD) LCD televisions is available immediately at Costco Wholesale Corporation ( and ( Costco will showcase Kreisen’s flagship 40-inch and 37-inch models. The entire line of 17- to 40-inch displays is available to consumers online at"

Is this a good thing to do PR on?

At first, I thought not. But, the more I think about it, maybe it is. While everyone else is trying to hide the fact that Amazon and Costco are some of their largest retailers (i.e. Sony), virtually unknown Kreisen is plastering it all over the press. Good PR move, I think.

But, is this good for the market?

Gateway, now virtually non-existent in the Plasma market (and sinking in the PC market as of late) sold tons of cheap Plasmas to thousands of consumers a month. Then they disappeared.

Remember GE's line of consumer TV's?

Westinghouse? Believe it or not, they're back...

Now, Dell is one of the fastest resellers of large LCD panels. Yep, in less than a year they've jumped 9 spots.

This sort of competition, while it might look bad from the surface, is actually good in the core. It will force the ProAV and HomeAV market to focus on services and less on profits from product sales - something that's a dying art anyway.

So, more power to you, Kreisen. But, buyer beware. I've been asking for a review unit from them for months and haven't seen anything. But, I've got a plan for that now. I'll pop on over to my local 7-11 down the street, have a Slurpee and have a look at their LCD's.


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